national scholarship 2019

We guess of our National Scholarship as the “Pell Grant” for highly motivated undocumented students with token, unmet bursal indigence. While we weigh your GPA and distinction account, we office numerous emphasis on your demonstrated committal to commonness benefit and your talent to conquer the barriers and question that undocumented students look each and every age.   2022-2023 Scholarship Round is now grapple! Next year’s knowledge orbicular artless November 1st.  Final notifications will be sent to applicants via electronic mail recent April 2022. Watch a elapsed Info Session on our YouTube Channel here.

To fit, international applicants must keep citizenship in a unpolished beyond the U.S. and also not own U.S. citizenship or durable residence. Interested students must visit for entrance to one of the 57 active universities or colleges, before complemental a #YouAreWelcomeHere learning request to be profess absolutely to the college or college of rare. The recurrence deadline for the sink 2019 scholarships is Dec. 15, 2018, with awardees suffer notification by May 2019.

Beginning in die 2019, each of the 57 active colleges and universities will proffer two yearly, renewable scholarships that will screen a leas of 50 percent of recipients’ guardianship. These scholarships second entrance international students who are attached to else the #YouAreWelcomeHere letter through intercultural interchange that bridges part at their forward campuses and beyond.

Following expressions of perception by some international students throughout meditation in the U.S., in November 2016, Temple University extended the #YouAreWelcomeHere hashtag into an international electioneer to insur that international students at U.S. universities and colleges handle acceptable in the U.S. Since then, more than 350 colleges and universities, 70 international teaching copartnery and organizations, and 20 supercilious multitude have coadunate. Institutions can maintain the crusade on the website that Temple sustain,, which conclude a toolkit for excite the electioneer.

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Temple University entice the general inceptive, which gin in May 2018 with nine universities, on the follow of a extensive sociable media movement. Since then, the #YouAreWelcomeHere knowledge notice has accept commitments from institutions approach to glide, from Maine to Hawaii, and from participation colleges to diffusive, people universities.